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Tizen - Samsung's new smartphone OS in market.

The Pain and the Potion
Google's Android OS shares 64% of current global smartphone market, currently dominated by Samsung's flagship smartphones. Moreover, after acquiring Motorola, Google has now started installing android OS on Motorola smartphones, ditching 'Motoblur'. They are also getting into the hardware space with the launch of their 'Moto X' customizable  smartphones, developed by Motorola. 

With Google trying to impinge into the Samsung's lucrative smartphone market, Samsung is now trying to reduce its reliance on Google for the android OS. They are probably looking for an alternative to android. They gave a hint of this while unveiling Galaxy S4, where the mobile industry giant didn't even mention its partner Google, and referred to Android only once. 

In order to reduce the dependency on android, Samsung introduced 'bada' in February 2010, which failed to meet the customer expectations. Other reasons for its failure can be found here. In February, this year, Samsung announced that it will stop the 'bada' development and is now moving its focus to Tizen.

Tizen - A word About
Tizen 2.2 Beta Screen
  • Tizen is an operating system for smartphones based on Linux kernel.
  • More than this, its a cross- architecture, open source software platform based on comprehensive standards based HTML 5 implementation. 
  • This enables it to support a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, IPTV, notebook, cars, in-vehicle infotainment system etc. 
  • The development of Tizen is currently steered by Samsung, Intel and Tizen Association, along with the support of Linux foundation.

Features of Tizen 
  • Extensive personalization capabilities, even more than Android.
  • Supported by ARM and X86 processors.
  • Very low limits on development platform of privatization.
  • Wide range of gadget support 
  • Supports HTML 5 for application development

Samsung has confirmed a release of Tizen phone by third quarter of this year.  Hoping to see it soon !!!

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