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Are you a "Zero Investment" Start-up ? - Here's a list of 7 tools you must use.

"Zero Investment Start-up"simply means starting a business or company out of nothing or with zero financial investment. Sounds great !!! , Yeah. But in reality, its no easy task. It takes a hell lot of efforts to yield a fruit out of such business. 

In a process of establishing a zero investment firm, founders always look for things that are available for free. This includes tools for firm's day to day administration, volunteers for office work etc. 

So, here's a list of free online tools, that you can use to reduce or nullify your day to day administrative expenses and increase the productivity of work at your firm.

1) SCORE - Online Mentor for Your Business
As a start-up founder, one must always have a mentor, a veteran, to help you do the right thing. It is the suggested best practice for a start up founder. SCORE provides you this, wherein a mentor is assigned for you who helps you to create your business model, decide the marketing strategy, test the product idea et…