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10 Quotes to Inspire the Entrepreneur in You

1."Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself." -Oprah Winfrey: Media mogul

2."It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." -Bill Gates: Chairman of Microsoft

3."One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don't choose your passions; your passions choose you." - Jeff Bezos: Chairman and CEO of Amazon

4.“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game's winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that's why I succeed.” -  Michael Jordan, NBA Hall of Famer.

5.“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” -  Guy Kawasaki, founder of AllTop.

6.“There’s lots of bad reasons to start a company. But there’s only one good, leg…

Want to Create a Killer Elevator Pitch ? Here Are 7 Tips You Should Use

In his startup’s initial days, a founder always meets different people from different industry verticals, looking for mentors, angel investors, venture capitalists, and more importantly customers. One of the key skills that such a founder must have is to be able to explain his startup in simple words which anyone can understand in no time. An elevator pitch fulfills this purpose.
An elevator pitch is the best way of sparking an interest about your startup in the listener’s mind. It is a concise explanation of your startup. It mainly answers four questions for the listener:
Who are you?What you do?For whom you are doing it?What makes you better than others? Additionally, having a good elevator pitch helps to answer the question, ‘Why should I invest/collaborate in your startup?’ A good elevator pitch is interesting, engaging and memorable and generally lasts between 30 and 60 seconds. Always remember to keep your elevator pitch short enough so that you can explain it to someone…

Worst Timings to Post on Different Social Networks

5 Things to do to Make Best Out of Your Business Conferences

Business conferences are the best events for entrepreneurs to meet like-minded people, share each other’s ideas, collaborate with different people with unique talent, and learn immense amount of priceless business wisdom from the experiences of veterans. Every young and aspiring entrepreneur must attend such conferences to learn from the experiences of others. Conferences provide you with a lot of exposure to the real business world, its operations, survival tips etc.
Despite of all these positive things, entrepreneurs often fail, yes! to get maximum out of business conferences. Few reasons for this can be, lack of purpose for attending the conference, being shy to meet and talk to new people, being reluctant to share own ideas and so on. Due to these mistakes, an entrepreneur can miss important connections and contacts, business wisdom etc.
But for those curious, enthusiastic, young and motivated brains, who want to learn as much as possible from business conferences, here’…

10 Major Reasons of Startup Failure

Startup culture is growing rapidly in India with Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad being the cities with highest number of startups being founded every year. Though Bangalore is called as the Silicon Valley of India, Mumbai is emerging as the fastest growing startup hub of India in 2014. 2014 is likely to see more startups being founded in three areas viz. Marketplace Tools, DIY e-commerce & enablers, content discovery and B2C.
Despite of all these positive vibes about startups, a significant number of startups, more than 80% of the startups fail within their first 3 years of run. Being part of the entrepreneur community, I never wanted startups fail. After searching the web for the reasons, I came up with a list of following 10 major reasons for startup failure.
1.Building wrong product Building a product without actually validating the product idea through potentials customers. Moreover, building a product that solves a trifle problem in customers life rather than one which …

How to Create a Great LinkedIn Profile ?

LinkedIn has emerged as the largest professional network with more than 313 million members in over 200 countries and territories. These members include job seekers, employed personal, organizations, corporate companies and business discussion groups. It's a great place to connect, communicate and collaborate with your professional contacts.
A linkedIn profile acts as your professional bio data in your network. It is very important that you highlight all important aspects of your academic and professional career in your profile in concise manner. 
Here are 7 tips to standout in your network and attract more opportunities -  Set a good hand-and-shoulders photo of yourself in business clothes. Smile and look approachable. If possible get yourself  photographed from a professional photographer. Write a killer summary. Use the best way possible to display your passion about your field, highlight your accomplishments, key achievements, skills, your industry experience from various domains…

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Drafting Marketing Reports And Sales Experiments

"Learning Fastlane" Marketing  Study Report 

‘Learning Fastlane’  is an online community of learning aspirants and trainers where you can learn new courses with free verified certificates, get career guidance, and train other members of community.

Customer Segments
Students Learning Aspirants Training InstitutesUniversities/CollegesEducation/Careere ConsultantsChannels to reach these customer segments

Marketing Campaigns in universities/colleges/schoolsSocial Media Marketing [Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Youtube]Email  Marketing [Using Mailchimp]Customer Engagement Strategies

Go Mobile - Provide a mobile applicationAdd social features to products - Give credits on completion of each course and provide facility to share one's achievements with other co-learners, facility to add friends Collect feedback from customers to  enhance customer experienceBuild a Brand identity – make it authentic, clearly defined, consistent and relevant to customer.Support user groups e.g group of stu…

10 books every entrepreneur should read in 2014

Entrepreneurs should make a habit of reading books. This helps them to get to learn about different business strategies, know about various mistakes that entrepreneurs make in their initial run, and enhances their thought spectrum. Reading helps entrepreneurs to understand business from different perspectives. 

Here's a list of 10 books that  every entrepreneur should  read this year - 
1. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
In this book, Eric introduces you with the new "Lean Startup" methodology of creating sustainable business startups. It touts the principles of spending little, being comfortable with uncertainty, and pivoting quickly when direction must inevitably change course.
2.The Four Steps to the Epiphanyby Steve Gary Blank
Steve Blank shares his 20 years of experience in establishing tech startups, of failing and succeeding, through this book. In this must-read for those launching tech startups, Blank clearly outlined how to organize sales and marketing, discover flaws…

4 mistakes to avoid during a sales presentation

I  have given many presentations. But giving presentations can only give you a little stage confidence and a bit more empirical insights about how to present things to a group of people. Often this is of a little  help when it comes to delivering corporate sales presentations.
Following are few mistakes that you should try to avoid , when delivering a sales presentation.
1. Unclear thinking /  Lack of  preparation If you can't describe the objective of your interaction in one sentence, you may be guilty of fuzzy focus— trying to say too much at once. You'll confuse your listener and that doesn't make the sale. At any stage of the sales process, you should know in advance why you are interacting, what benefits you are offering your prospect or client, and what you'd like the next step to be.
2. No Emotional Connection  The most powerful communication combines both intellectual and emotional connections. Intellectual means appealing to educated self-interest with data a…

12 Must-have traits to be a Great Leader !

The Lean Jargon

Recently, I finished reading Eric Ries's "The Lean Startup". This book revolutionizes the way business startups are built and operated. It proposes  a novel methodology for ensuring startup success. The concept of lean is really easy and of must-adapt kind for modern businessmen.
To leaf you through the lean methodology,I have briefly explained the lean jargon below :
MVP MVP Stands for Minimum Viable Product. Its simply a early-bird prototype of the product under development.  MVP demonstrates the basic functionality or feature of product. It can be a  small running tool with 1/2 features, a power point presentation or a product theme animation video. MVPs can be built in very less time and can really help founders to get the customer feedback in early phases of product development. This helps founders to validate the product idea against what customers actually needs.
Build-Measure-Learn Loop

Leap of faith
Leap of faith is basically a set of assumptions that entrepreneurs ma…

2 Rules of Efficient Financial Management for Startups

Every startup in its initial days is always running tight on finances. In such times bad financial decisions can really jeopardize the startup, leading it to complete shut down. I recently finished reading a very nice book,'Romancing the Balance Sheet', by Anil Lamba.Its a book for 3 types of people -
Those who think that financing is not their kind of thingThose who are scared of accounting  and financeThose who are keen but new to fieldFollowing are the two golden rules that can save a lot of your money which otherwise will get wasted due to bad financial decisions.
Rule Number 1: Never invest your money without ensuring that the assets you acquire can generate a return which is atleast equal to the cost of your capital. 
Rule Number 2: Invest your money in such a way that the assets will generate an inflow of funds before the liabilities demand an outflow.

Top 10 Suggestions for a Startup Founder

Recently , I was talking with one of entrepreneur who has successfully set up his start-up organization. Here's a list of suggestions he told me , that every entrepreneur should do.
1) Every startup founder should have a vision. This helps him to take decisions in moments of crisis.

2) Always try to solve a problem which is hurting the most to a particular group of people. The bigger the problem you will try to solve, the more will be your chances of success. The problem must be the most hurting problem for the people for whom we are building the product. This ensures that people will be ready to pay for our products once it is built.

3) Once you are sure about that the problem is worth solving, create business plan showing your revenue generation, distribution channels, customer segments and your value propositions.

4) Never build the whole product at one go. First build the MVP, Minimum Valuable Product, and take it to customer. See their response. This will help you to make decisi…