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Drafting Marketing Reports And Sales Experiments

"Learning Fastlane" Marketing  Study Report 

‘Learning Fastlane’  is an online community of learning aspirants and trainers where you can learn new courses with free verified certificates, get career guidance, and train other members of community.

Customer Segments

  • Students
  • Learning Aspirants
  • Training Institutes
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Education/Careere Consultants
Channels to reach these customer segments

  • Marketing Campaigns in universities/colleges/schools
  • Social Media Marketing [Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Youtube]
  • Email  Marketing [Using Mailchimp]
Customer Engagement Strategies

  • Go Mobile - Provide a mobile application
  • Add social features to products - Give credits on completion of each course and provide facility to share one's achievements with other co-learners, facility to add friends
  • Collect feedback from customers to  enhance customer experience
  • Build a Brand identity – make it authentic, clearly defined, consistent and relevant to customer.
  • Support user groups e.g group of student with particular  interest, trainers from same domain
  • Support discussion forums for customers to discuss their problems, experiences, get help from others etc
 Cost of acquisition
       Cost of acquisition, here, will vary with the number of above mentioned strategies employed for customer acquistion and engagement.


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